At the Pantalán Group we know how complicated is the moment we are all going through and we want to help you carry it as well as possible.

Pantalán Home continues working for you so you can enjoy at home the quality of our dishes as always.

In our kitchen we implement all the Safety and Hygiene measures stipulated to cope with this crisis exhaustively following the protocol indicated by the Ministry of Health.

Due to the health emergency and so that no one is left without eating during this crisis we have TAKE AWAY SERVICE and HOME DELIVERY, EVERYDAY from 12 to 10:30 p.m. UNINTERRUPTEDLY. If you wish and request it when placing your order, we can make the delivery without contact between you and the delivery man.


  1. On the recommendation of the WHO and to minimize contacts, if you wish you can make online payments by credit card or PayPal.
  2. Our delivery men will wear rubber gloves and a helmet at all times to avoid any contact with your order.
  3. When he arrives to your house, he will call the intercom, informing you that he will leave the order at the door. Do not worry about hygiene, inside the paper bag the food is perfectly packed in recyclable containers that also respect the environment.
  4. When you receive your order, you will find the ticket stapled to the bag.
  5. The delivery man will wait with a distance of 2 meters from you to pick up your order to make sure you have received it.

Please take care. There will be time that you can enjoy at Pantalán G. Until then, join the #yomequedoencasa movement and place your order through the App, on 856 305 603 or from www.pantalan-h.com


Orders can be placed in advance as long as desired until the delivery day up to 1200 for lunch orders and  1700 for dinner orders.

The delivery timetable will be from 1400 to 1530 and from 1800 to 2130 APPROXIMATELY