Truly, we can say that our journey began at the end of 2013 in Jerez de la Frontera, although the PANTALÁN G brand dates from November 2015.

Yes, it all started in a new restaurant that we opened in the neighborhood of Las Delicias in Jerez and that in honor of close Peruvian friends baptized as La Mascaipacha.

It was located in the place where an old restaurant had been installed, whose name I do not want to remember, because the former owner tricked us. For this reason we had to abandon it 5 months after the inauguration -after having invested thousands of euros in the reform- and we decided to open it with the same name in El Puerto de Santa María -Puerto Sherry-, where it was called La Mascaipacha Puerto.

Actually, although nobody knew us, it was a real success, something that we did not expect to obtain in just 2 months. The place was very ‘cute’ and great for the summer days in our area. There were nights, while dining on the terrace, that you had to wear a cardigan.

We became famous for our ‘lechazo’ (sucker lamb) skewers, they were big as swords, cooked in public view. The restaurant’s kitchen was so small what we couldn’t serve too many dishes from there, so it was used basically to complement the grill that was located outside, in the dining room / terrace.

We were there from June 2014 – we opened the day that the Soccer World Cup began that year – until Pilar Day in 2015. So after a year and a half in La Mascaipacha Puerto, seeing the pros and cons of the establishment, we decided to move to the old restaurant Las Gradas de Puerto Sherry. Why? Well, very easy: the place had all the pros of La Mascaipacha and turned the cons from there into ‘pros’, that is to say, climatically much better, much bigger, very close to the hotels, much more parking, in short, much better in general.

We also took the opportunity to change the name since ‘Mascaipacha’ was very difficult for most people, so in the end, the name was transmitted very distorted. And seeing these difficulties, it came to mind, since we are in front of the G pontoon at the port, to rename it with the same name.

So this is for all intents and purposes where our story begins. As I have indicated and as clients who know us know, we have a magnificent terrace in front of the boats, with a screen designed to protect us from the winds – often tremendous – of our land, with umbrellas that bear up to 105 km / h and surrounded by flower boxes that make you enjoy lunch or dinner in a great atmosphere of relaxation. Also, our living room with a large sliding window that communicates with the terrace, configuring a large common space. As the reader can imagine, the living room is perfectly climate-controlled -winter/summer- to be inside at an optimal temperature.

We have a kitchen of more than 150 m2, which has allowed us to incorporate state-of-the-art machinery to give free rein to the imagination.

Likewise, since our beginning in Puerto Sherry, qualified and expert hands in the culinary art have been incorporated into our restaurant and in addition from countries such as El Salvador and Italy: a great team.

And in the spring of 2019, we began to think about how we could bring our elaborations to your homes, after the petitions of good and loyal customers. After many days of lucubration and doing experiments with our dishes about which were the best ones to carry away, we made a count of them and saw how to adapt them for better transportation and arrival to destination. We also chose to change the brand from Pantalán G (Pontoon G) to Pantalán Home to distinguish the delivery service on the web pages and in all systems electronic, social networks, telephony, etc. It was a complex task – the containers and packaging were designed by us and produced for us – and in all this we decided that the ‘premiere’ day was going to be on March 4, 2020. Check out what date: March 13 was imposed a national ‘state of alarm’ whereby, among other businesses, restaurants were forced to close. However, the ‘take out’ restaurants could continue to provide their services.

As is logical and as a survival measure, many restaurants in the area chose to offer their products as take-out, with the difficulties that this entails (it took us practically a year to start it). It is obvious that, not having foreseen it, the best of them would acquire standard material in terms of containers and packaging and others… no comment. We understand the despair and helplessness of the people when the bankrupt is getting close.

And since then here we go. With the difficulty of coping with COVID-19, with extreme care and with the confidence that this nightmare will end soon. We apply the Spanish proverb, ‘to bad weather, happy face’, and we continue striving day after day to offer you more dishes, new ideas, etc, etc.

Bon appetit!