We have created a program to reward your fidelity to us. We want you to enjoy each dish, menu or dessert with exclusive advantages when making your orders at www.pantalan-h.com or app -available for iOS and Google Play-.

To start enjoying all the benefits, you just have to register on our website or official app and place your order at Pantalán Home; From your first order you will get advantages as discounts, gifts and / or unique and delicious accompaniments.

  • THE DISH OF THE WEEK – Every week you will find in our menu a dish with a 10% discount.
  • FOR PURCHASES OVER 20€ you can choose from a series of gifts that will increase depending on the volume of your purchase.


At Pantalán Home we respect the environment and therefore we use bio-plastic containers derived from corn, glass, aluminum and kraft cardboard; recyclable and / or biodegradable.


  • How can I get gifts? We have a wide of variety of gifts that increase in number as the amount of your order increases.
  • How do I get the discounts? By acquiring the dish of the week
  • Where can I see which is the dish of the week? You will see it when you enter our website / store or in our app.
  • Do discounts expire? No, because the discounts are immediate.
  • I just placed an order, when can I get the discount? At the same time of making the purchase.