Our commitments to our clients and to society in general can be summarized in the following list:

  1. Comply with all the norms and requirements that the Health Authorities require for the good end of the business and the food safety of the clients.
  2. Homologate our suppliers and verify at all times that they comply with all regulations.
  3. Demand from our suppliers all the necessary certificates for both consumer products and utensils for the preparation of our dishes.
  4. Require from manufacturers of packaging materials certificates of aptitude for the production of food packaging.
  5. The non-use of containers and packaging that, although they are approved by the Administration, we understand that they are not suitable for our clients.
  6. To take our food to its destination through our company personnel and in hygienic vehicles and supports designed for that purpose.
  7. Ensure the sustainability of our seas by not acquiring fish, shellfish, invertebrates, etc., during the closed season and / or that do not have the regulated size for marketing.
  8. Not to make inappropriate and / or prohibited dumps either into the sea or into the drains, eliminating these through specialized companies approved for this purpose.
  9. To provide all company employees with fair and dignified treatment, promoting teamwork, open and transparent communication and demanding the highest level of excellence by providing them with adequate training.
  10. To promote the sustainability of the planet by making responsible use of energy, not wasting drinking water, using 100% of the electrical energy provided by our photovoltaic equipment, minimizing the environmental impact both directly and indirectly.